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Originally Posted by MrRaider View Post
players packs.. hrmm stickers, bottle openers, disc no one will throw, disc that been out for yrs.. only good disc from last yr was the worlds ti nuke.. the teeshirts last yr were a joke in our players package as well,, very dissapointing.. a cotton puke yellow shirt .. plus listenin to DD say our packs are goin to be a certain amount, when all of us know that when orderin disc for tournys they are payin a max of $5 per disc so dont make it out that we are getting a leet rare disc worth ALOT.. they need to pay out 20% of the tourny and that is less than half of what they paid out last yr.. but to do trophy only.. when word gets out i wouldnt be supprised on a low turnout.. locals in KS will love it cause they will play since they wont have to travel like the rest of us would for a undervalued players pack and trophy only Worlds
You're complaining about last year's pack? Go make a thread about it and complain there you troll. This isn't last year.

We all know? How many of their tournaments have you played Trolly McGee? You get dyemax molds of manufacturers like Latitude or LE stuff from Discraft and Innova. Dri Fits or flex fit hats with a logo that isn't lame, etc etc etc.

Get it through your skull, I'm telling you don't come. Play De La another time and pretend you won world's and go buy yourself another ugly yellow shirt like you already know you'll get.

You wouldn't want to get blown away by a twister, light weight.
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