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So I've been playing a little over 6 months at this point and have been wondering exactly the same thing. For me the progression has gone like this:

100ft: First round
200ft: Third round, after learning the x step and devoting everything to backhand
250ft: 3 months
300ft: 6 months. I can hit ~330 with a light star Valkyrie if there is no headwind (actually took it 350 uphill over the weekend but it was 100ft off target) , I go pretty consistently out to 300 with my champion Eagle L and my MOLS, both around 170g...

My goal is to be able to hit 400ft by the end of the calendar year. I've been working Bradley Walker's closed shoulder snap drill and it has help more than the hammer drills or hit backwards drills have for both my distance but especially my accuracy. It's been the only explanation of "snap" that I feel like I've been able to process.
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