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Originally Posted by burnin4 View Post
Mark, do you think you are being overly critical at this point considering 95% of the issues you have mentioned came from the very first shipment from Prodigy? Outside of all the "issues" with Prodigy discs the fading pink is the only one they havent corrected at warp speed.

Also, what is your opinion of the M4? Were you able to throw any of yours before selling them on eBay?
Ive worked in retail and consumer products for almost 15 years. Regardless of how well it ran the Nova was a No go in Latin America. While at BIC we had some iron shavings get into our ink. Probably effected the writing of 30,000 10 - $1 type pens. Management instantly told all customers. We redesigned the shipping cartons to have a marking and labeled all inner packs of the new run. They recalled EVERY pen and cost them a lot of money. But it was worth it because it told the retailer that BIC thinks the Customer is #1. Then changes were made to the production environment so it never happened again.

These "issues" with Prodigy would sink any "NEW"consumer company in any other market. They are lucky we are used to poor performance, low expectations on quality, lacking marketing or quality control, and a general lasse faire attitude towards the customer. Prodigy has made it 100% clear that their focus is pampering 10 "professional" disc golfers. We are clearly not Prodigy's focus. Unfortunately NO I feel that I (internally) am being too nice. Prodigy claimed and was marketed as a change in the way disc golf is done. THEY made these claims and THEY aren't meeting them. If someone visits my house, and their dog craps on my carpet, I don't care how fast they clean it up. Don't bring that dog over anymore. I honestly feel that the market is oversaturated with different discs. Its a sham, and the only thing that Prodigy brought to the table was a fresh start. They ruined that. Any of the 30 DG companies could spend $ to upgrade their processes, with an existing customer base. We were looking for something done right ALL THE TIME fresh. You know who doesn't get the press; DD and Lat. 64. They blow these guys away and they didn't need to use the Hype machine to do it. The best companies in this world shut their mouths and let the product do the talking. It seems like this company is run by a bunch of monkeys. I'm sad that we put up with this stuff. You and Mark are good friends but I'm disappointed that we as a DG community dont push harder on all the manufacturers to make good quality products. You go out and buy 175 discs. This tells Prodigy we don't care if you don't care about us. We will still buy your junk. Send us your poisoned first run of PA #X and we will clammer for it regardless of the quality. We should be able to answer someone that doesn't know disc golf that asks, how does this disc fly? Well you see it depends on the run, time of year, humidity, year produced...blah blah yuck yuck.

I havent thrown the ones I have. I will someday throw some prodigy, but I won't be amazed. There is no shot type that I can't make with my inventory of 1000 discs... I can even do it all with just Innova or Discraft. We dont need new plastics or discs. We need to be able to trust that if we pay $17 for $.30 worth of plastic it does the same stuff every time...and that if real news people become interested in the sport we can direct them to a well run supplier that has its stuff together.

95% in first runs... the issues were so glaring it is gross that they even thought about sending them out to the public. OVAL DISCS...awful stamps... cut discs. This is how you present your company? What is their quality check list? You think "round" would be #1.... Does Ford send its first electric vehicle out with only some of the doors painted? Oreo 2/3 of the cookies? Crayola 2 reds because blue didnt make it? Could you imagine if the newest ProV1 ball had the cover crack after 2 hits or the printing was crooked? People would be out of work, lots of people.
Stop giving them a pass. Just in the M's we have seen the dying issue, rumors that they are going to rename the entire line because they didn't test and realize the M2/3 were so close in flight. M4's being released before they were supposed to be. We dont even have good data on how well these things hold up, if they beat up to crap. How do they handle the cold?

We expected only what Prodigy said they would provide. They didn't. Its their fault and they still a screwing up obvious things. All they are is a below average "another disc golf copmany." So...we wait for the company that WILL rise up take the sport serious and think "What have I done for the customer today."
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