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Originally Posted by burnin4 View Post
Mark, I believe that you are plagued with the same illness that I am, and that is we impose too high of expectations onto others when we are the customer/consumer. Based on the nature of our occupations, nothing but perfection is accepted. I pride myself in never failing a customer, mostly because the results of my failure/let downs would result in leg amputations, kidney failure, stroke, death, etc.

In order to avoid setting myself up for disappointment, I try to lower my expectations to a minimal level when I am a customer. I'm not saying that I am happy or content with sub-par products/results, I just try to exercise a little patience. In this case, Prodigy is an organization that is 74 days old (publicly) and they are being ridiculed for having incurred some fairly minor bumps in the road. None of the issues that Prodigy has experienced are that different then the ongoing issues that other disc companies consistently experience (X-outs).

Also keep in mind that Prodigy is not a publicly traded organization (like BIC) so their #1 focus is not geared towards maximizing the wealth of their shareholders. Prodigy's #1 goal right now is to create discs that their players can use to win tournaments (coming directly from one of the owners mouths). They want to a winning team that is throwing their very own plastic. So far they've done a pretty good job of creating some really interesting discs that are fairly different then all other discs on the market. They might not have changed disc golf in 74 days, but they posses the potential to make a significant impact into our sport. For now I plan to support them and look forward to what they do next. Disc golf needs excitement!
Again, they imposed the expectation on themselves. I could have cared less about anything westside, discraft, innova, lat., dd, legacy, etc. Because they are either part of the old way of doing it or have been quiet about it. These aren't minor issues, I don't ever remember another company having so many quality issues. lol. Proto! Ill just look in Wal-Mart for the "Proto" section and steer clear of that. Every product in that store, 100,000 different? is expected to be exactly the same as the last one. You know why more often than not Wal-Mart gets what they want? Because they do expect it. The DG community expects low standards, so thats what we get. Prodigy is just the latest to capitolize on it. We are the customer, and we should expect the best. DG companies to strive to meet and exceed our expectations from day 1. Marketing 101. It doesnt seem like Prodigy is doing this, even if they fully intend on it.
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