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All based on personal experience fwiw...

Anode - BH I can drive them 350' comfortably, another 30' if I push em. I can keep them straight into a 5-10 mph headwind with some hyzer up to 325' with no issues, past that it's doable but tricky. Stronger winds will usually make them turn. They get pushed around a lot because the rim is so thick, but a lot of times that translates to just losing altitude quickly rather than turning and burning.

Ion - Same as above as far as D goes, but they handle the wind a little better. If I'm throwing clean that day I'm confident throwing them 325' into a 10mph headwind, but during a full bag round I'd disc up.

Tangent - Not enough experience to say for sure, but I get them out to 375-390' on a calm day without turn, and light headwinds seem to have little effect on its ability to hold the line. It's one of the only dead straight discs I feel comfortable throwing into mild headwinds and crosswinds, especially the heavier ones. I think the bead might account for some of this.

Axis - Domier, more OS Axis do quite well in mild winds, but 15mph or more seems to mess with them a decent bit. Similar D as the Tangent for me with a bit more predictability into wind. Thrown with a bit of hyzer, 30' high and 325-350' of power my fresh N Axis will track right a bit then finish straight or slightly left. It handles wind similar to a KC Pro Roc that's seasoned a bit but still has 0 hss.

Vector - These are a bit shorter, probably more like 350-360' on a typical power golf line. My domier, more OS ones won't turn unless it's pushing 20mph winds, but they do get pushed around a decent bit because of the blunt rim (Blunt compared to a driver). My flatter, less overstable ones aren't quite as wind resistant, but still tend to turn up to flat then fade late rather than flip over in a moderate headwind. Mine are about on par with a Fresh KC Pro Roc for headwind fighting, some a pinch better and some a bit worse depending on dome and wear.

Amp I am still working with so I can't say but in mild winds they are still workable, I know that much. No comments on max D or heavy winds yet.

Volt - This one surprises me. I get 400'-410' on an average throw, can push out to 450' but tend to use my Quasars past 400-420. Now in calm conditions I can get them to hold any release angle, and can get exceptionally straight flights, as straight as any other driver I've thrown regardless of speed or stability. Now the cool part is I can throw them hyzer 375' into a headwind and while they will flip to flat, they won't turn over to the right. I've been working them more lately and their wind resistance is surprising. I was using new shocks for most wind shots but last two rounds used Volts more and it's pretty unique how straight they are in calm conditions while being able to manage a 10-15 mph headwind. Only other straight flying drivers I've seen that can do that are beat QOLFs and seasoned Teebirds, but both of those turn a pinch easier in a headwind fro
what I remember.

New Shock - MVP might not want to call this a dedicated wind fighter, but I will. I think the new Shock is like a seasoned Predator. I have thrown mine bh and fh into 20-25 mph headwinds without issue, and it is my go to control driver for a strong headwind (20-30 mph). This disc is very, very reliable for me into a headwind. In calm conditions these are probably around 380'-390' on an average throw and I can rip them hard and flat for 400+ if needed. Into a 20mph headwind I can throw them flat with 400' of D and they aren't turning. In a 30mph headwind I can throw controlled shots in the 325-375' range with a hyzer release. It took getting used to, because even when the FR Shocks were out I honestly didn't have an MVP disc I was comfortable throwing 350'+ in a 25mph headwind, but this disc feels made for that. I considered dropping my XXX for a bit even, but have since decided I'll keep it because its still useful. But for ayers that don't throw past 400' or live in hurricane land, I could see this being their headwind driver. They fall in between PD/1.2QOLF/Starfire type discs and Predator/Firebird types of discs. More D and easier to throw than the more OS discs but a bit better into wind and a piggier fade than the first category. I am really happy with them and have been throwing them A LOT. They also go surprisingly far for how OS they are, definitely easier D for me than a Pred.