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I bought an Aerobie Epic two years ago because, why not? I haven't thrown it in forever, but I decided to take it to the park today to show my buddies who hadn't seen one before. On hole 9 I try to tomahawk it over a big tree in the center of the fairway and it gets stuck 30 feet up in a tree next to the next teebox. We spent 5 minutes trying to get it out of the tree by throwing my water bottle at it, only to get the water bottle stuck once. I gave up and said I'd come back later.

After the round I went back and threw my water bottle at the damn Epic some more, only to get the water bottle stuck twice more. I even got it hooked on a twig by the caribiner on the bottle. Almost impossible to get down, but i found a big stick nearby to poke it with. After getting my water back a third time I left, leaving the disc in the tree.

15 minutes later as I was driving to meet some friends for dinner I get a call from another guy who was playing at the park today who managed to get the disc out of the tree after I left. He wanted to know if I wanted to come back for it and I said no, I don't want the ****ing thing, keep it. And he said "I don't want a ****ing epic! I'll have it in my car next time I see you"

Looks like I'm stuck with it!
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