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Originally Posted by Mike C View Post

This is roughly what I was expecting for their first driver, maybe a hair less OS, e.g. speed 9 Vector. I'm extremely pleased with this disc and the Volt either way. The Volt is the only disc I felt could compete against my beat to perfection 1.1 QOLF when new that I've tried, and the Shock is the perfect windy day workhorse driver for me, a bit more OS than a fresh 1.2 QOLF but still enough glide to get more D than my OS driver the XXX.
Exactly. A wasn't looking for monster beef, I was looking for Vector OS. I agree that it is a much better companion to the Volt than my other Shocks. It's a bad comparison, but my Volts and Old Shocks are like Eagle-X and Eagle-L...not in flight path, but how similar they are.

That being said, the older Shocks are just so much easier for me to throw. I can get them out to a little past 300, which is very good for me, with minimal effort. I am getting that same distance with the new Shock, but I'm having to put a lot more into it. When I'm throwing that hard, I have bad OAT problems...the new Shock fights that and still goes straight with healthy fade, but I can definetly still see the "OAT wobble" as it comes out of my hand. I've been playing a really long time, and I still haven't reached the point where I can just rip on something and still have good form....and believe me, it's not for lack of practice. Some people have it and some people don't, I suppose.

So, I'm not displeased with the new Shock, per se'. It's more OS than I thought it would be when they FIRST announced the Shock, but that isn't a super bad thing for me. It's more OS than I can handle on a regular basis, but I also don't have anything that is monster OS in my bag right I can definetly see this sticking around as my headwind driver of choice; just not as an all-around everyday use disc.
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