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Originally Posted by kerplunk View Post
I like it for the big tourneys, I imagine paying out merch to that many players is a huge pain. I have to imagine that most people playing Worlds also have plenty of plastic already.

However, I think lots of clubs and tourney promoters make most of their $$ off of merch, so I don't think that making this a model for all tourneys is a good idea.

I only read the PDGA article and the OP, not all of the related references.
Yeah, same here, I think my big issue is with the blanket embracing in an official statement of the "Amateurism Ideal"

Just to give a clearer idea of where I actually stand it's more like:

The concept of amateurism in today's sports, much less Disc Golf in general is an over used, timeworn, meaningless word. If it weren't you'd have players walking up to total strangers all the time asking if they could play a round together just for the competition.
Groups of friends might go out together all the time, people might play PDGA leagues where there are only $2-3 on the line, but challenging strangers for it's own sake just doesn't happen much. Closest thing I can even think of is going to a bar and putting quarters down on a pool table and having to play the person holding the table first.. Even then, you're playing for the table so it still doesn't quite compare exactly.
You might go ask someone you've never met before if you can play a round with them but it's usually not to compete with them it's to find your way around a course you've never played before or you were out by yourself and saw someone else by themselves and DG is a friendly sport.

The idea of trophy only does have a place in DG, but at the far ends of the spectrum and not in the middle, and intermediate, advanced, and most open players all fall into one large middle.
Trophy only should be for novice divisions and invitationals, for novices it could make the entry fees dirt cheap to encourage the experience, it's also a great place for people to get a start. Even when it's run on the same day on the same course it should really be considered an entirely separate event within itself. (All divisions pretty much are anyways except cases where am money is "donated" to the open purse, which is at the TD's discretion; more on plastic payouts below.) Added cash from sponsors can go to the top division for promotion and marketing but even fundraiser event cash should be split among separate divisions.. I.E. you play a fundraiser tourney as an am your money should go to the am purse... All of the mechanisms for this are already in place in rec/intermediate/advanced, you must play up a division if your rating demands it, however the pro division is not protected except at a few select tournaments, more on that too below.
For something like AM worlds a trophy could definitely mean more then cash/prizes.. If Am Worlds were truly protected and you had to qualify to play. With no exceptions. It means everyone there deserved to be there, Then again, if you take DG for what it really is and changed the system Am worlds would really be just "Somewhat Lower Rated Pro Worlds," Both would be fully protected since both would be major sponsored events and both would just play for cash/trophies within their own divisions.
Plastic payouts and pro purses:
I don't really have any issue with the payout system as it's been done in the past, it's worked well at growing disc golf from many directions. I've said in a couple other posts I do think it might be getting a little out of date with the times and that the system could use some refocusing, once again to the extreme ends of the disc golf spectrum. TD's no longer have to rely on plastic wholesale/retail differences to be compensated for tournaments or donate the proceeds to the pro purse if they don't wish to be compensated. Plastic dealers, even the ones working out of the trunks of their cars no longer need to be majorly subsidized by am payout purses, they have a large enough market just to sell at tournaments and work out deals with TDs for player pack discs. Novice divisions still profit from plastic payouts / player's packs in advertising manufacturers and retailers though, more so then more experienced players often unable to find plastic they want/need in a tournament's disc stock.
Local pro purses no longer need to be subsidized at all levels, certainly not to encourage growth in the open division especially B and C tier events. Today's Am is not going to go pro just because there's added cash in the purse either. He won't go until he thinks he has a fair shot at "Making the cut." There's enough people now playing disc golf and enough larger events that the cream will eventually rise to the top through time and devotion without giving the (local better player) you play league every week with an extra 50 bucks at the three local tournaments a year he plays.
The money could be much better spent growing the top tier taking a flat fee from every player at a PDGA event and putting it towards more Vibram/USDGC type events so the players who are really out there devoting their lives to disc golf can actually make enough to be self supporting.
Take $5 from every players entry fee or even a sliding scale by division going UP as your division goes up as an added incentive, put it into a fund and do it for a few years before you start the event series and you could truly have some massive prize purses for a genuine "Pro invitational tour."

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