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Originally Posted by AndyJB View Post
I, as an amatuer player, care. I don't mind kicking some of my entry fee to a pro purse (isn't that what ace pools are for LOL?) But if you are asking me to pay 50 bucks or more for a shot at only a trophy, and the players package is scrappy or sub-par, just so that the Pros can get another 5 bucks or whatever per Am to their purse, then that's where the problem comes in.
So you dont realy care about trophy vs cash payout, but you care about having the chance to get your money back if you win your division.

Ace pool is not for funding the pros, amateurs can throw aces aswell.

We pay 50 bucks here in switzerland just for being allowed to play the tournament at all. They dont organise themself, and the gear isnt for free either. I would never dream of having the cheek to demand for something in return except to be able to play the course that weekend...

But hey, I guess the more you have the more you become a cheapskate.
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