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Originally Posted by 3j0hn View Post
The other two sports that I have experience with:

In rock climbing competitions, entry fees are $45 and 99% of people get a t-shirt and a "players pack" or a chance at a prize draw. 1% get big prizes or money. These competitions are popular around here, and will draw 200 people for a day.

In marathons, thousands of people pay $100+ to run with the top 5-10 open men and women winning a lot of money (thousands of dollars). Everyone else gets a shirt, and a participation metal. And, possibly a chance at a small prize if they win their age protected division.

The typical disc golf AM model of most of the entry fee being split across 50% of the field for "funny money" prizes is really weird in context of these other sports.
Whether or not we ever get to see more top Pros be able to live off their Disc golf winnings, I would really like to see more top Tournament Directors being able to make a living running great events.
I think the payout scales have changed at least a few times over the years. Not what sure the current "cut" level is in something like pro golf maybe somewhere around top third? But, it's much simpler and easier when you're paying 20-25 people in cash. DG these days you can have to payout 30-40 people in a one day tournament if it's mostly ams which places a burden on TDs to provide enough good merch selection to make players happy.. Which can be tough under many circumstances. If your TD's not already a dealer (Which is why DD, Spike Hyzer, etc. type companies are probably doing quite well in the "Traveling tour for hire" department) he either has to hold fundraisers enough in advance to buy a supply, have money from the local club for it, or find someone local to work out the plastic payouts for them. It's that or take cash out of his own pocket and hope to break even. Today, with so many discs by so many companies, it's getting harder and harder for a large field to find anything they want or need at smaller tournaments. It's probably a wash, as it always seems like at least half of TDs also sell plastic, but it's probably a serious drawback for newer TDs in some areas. If I were to have to run a tournament today I'd probably buy the player pack discs and just do the am payouts in pdga memberships and gas cards. (ok, probably not as we have several good local dealers.. but maybe..)
Back to the pdga payout tables:
Even if nothing else changed it still might be good to keep up with the times and implement a more sliding scale, the current formula of could just be changed to the number of players in a division instead of the tier of the event.
something like: 10 or less players 50% 11-30 40% 31-50 33% 51+ 25% etc.
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