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Originally Posted by RKelly View Post
This is just too funny. People complaining about "amateurism". "Oh no, I won't be able to place 3rd in intermediate and win $100 of merch (and I'll bitch about it only being worth $60), even though at least 9 other players had better scores." It really should be lower entry fee, small player's pack and trophies to top 3 per division. Or play pro if you want to win money. I know not everyone is good enough to win money in the pro divisions, but just like every other sport, EVERYONE IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH! (This includes me). When I first started, I couldn't believe that I could win stuff for not sucking as much as someone else. People on here complaining that if they can't win stuff then they will quit playing. Wow. They don't want nice player's packs for everyone, yet they want to "win" prizes even if 5-10-20-50 people played better than them. Sounds like they do think that everyone's entitled.
That's amazing,not only did you totally miss the point, not one word of your response had anything at all to do with the original subject. Bet you didn't google a single thing.
Amateurism keeps the cream of the crop small and elite. Big outside money sports can afford to take that route because big money sports players don't want more competition. DG can't even support 100 people making a living off it, embracing amateurism makes it harder to grow that end. We know what your opinion is, now go read a book and come back with some facts. I'm always open to changing my mind if there's evidence that I'm wrong. Is anyone else?

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