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Originally Posted by Jashwa View Post
Why do you think this will help grow the sport?
I feel the amateur entry fees are too high just because they have to be high enough to provide the payout for half the field, and that turns many people away from tournaments. I know many people that I have tried to get into tournaments, telling them how fun it is etc, turn away when I have mentioned the amount of the entry fee. Of course the entry fee doesn't feel that much if you know you're going to end up in the prizes, as then you're pretty much playing for free anyway or even getting a profit, but for those who don't believe they can get to the prizes, the price of entry feels high, and they end up missing the tournament experiences. This leads to less people joining tournaments, and maybe some of them could have become really good at it or really enjoy it, but they never got in because of the barrier of entry.

Of course in places where tournaments fill up anyway this probably doesn't feel like an important issue, but I feel the more people we can get playing tournaments, the more disc golf will grow as a sport and not just pastime.
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