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Nice I'll be playing this course in about an hour.

I've only ever birdied this hole from the short pad to short pin--it plays a bit longer because there's a slight elevation increase and the pin sits on a small hill.

From the shorts, I throw a Teebird if I'm feeling good or a 1.1 QOLF (the usual choice), followed by an Ion to putt.

From the longs, I throw whatever distance driver I'm using at the time (either Flow or Katana), then usually something overstable (Zone, Pig, Hornet) to spike into the very small green (probably a 15-20' circumference surrounded by sumac). A three is good here.

This is a great course that tests every shot, short game, distance, technical through the woods, playing the wind on an open bomb, etc. The one thing is that in peak summer, you do not want to go off the fairway--this picture shows relatively tame prairie grass for the rough (taken probably the spring after they burned much of the tall grass down on this hole). It is not so during the peak season--the grass is chest high and extremely easy to lose a disc in. A lot of times you have to pitch out overhand if you're really in deep. Those distance lines have to be on point.
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