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Originally Posted by zj1002 View Post
How I view, define and control OAT:

OAT deals with the plane on which you push your body forward, and then how you alter that by drastically, and abruptly, by changing the rip angle of the arm. Lets say I need an Orion LF to flip at a point 300ft down the fairway for a 450ft shot that finishes right. I will intentionally add OAT by setting my body up to push through on a straight run-up hyzer, note I said body not the angle of my disc. When the disc comes into my power zone I will start to push it forward, my arm and consequently my disc will uncoil until the the disc reaches a forward apex where I can no longer hold onto it. Before it reaches this apex I can abprutly change the direction of how I alter my hyzer plane by how I push through with my arm. My body mind you is still throwing a hyzer, but I can keep the disc flat and have my arm finish on any angle I wish. I am not actively pulling my arm back, but changing the angle at which it will push forward and the forward motion of my body weight will naturally follow through on the intended angle. If I push my arm through the power apex with a flat or anhyzer release, the disc will flip up, and if under-stable enough, over into a turn.

A really good example of controlled OAT is Garret Gurthie. If you can find videos of him throwing distance, he is throwing a distance hyzer flip using OAT. He extends his body all the way forward on a hyzer, but his follow through isn't a normal hyzer. His arm is pulled back and down. By keeping the nose down this creates a massive distance shot where the disc can catch more air and the nose will literally drop out, causing it to dump into a turnover before hyzering out as it slows down. OAT is best used with a hyzer or flat approach angle, as this can generate a more suitable nose down flight.
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