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Originally Posted by AndyJB View Post
My problem is the families that have no respect for the game or anyone else around them. They throw while you're still playing the hole (luckily they only throw their Bosses about 150 feet) they try to play the course during big tournaments, they are loud, etc. Etc.

A majority of other sports don't have to deal with those kind of behaviors.
I dont mean to come off as a jerk here. But come on, man up to it and do something to change it. Introduce yourself and explain the flow of the game and invite them to a casual league or doubles night. Explain some things that they dont know and how they can affect other people that might be out on the course with them. Why is it that people just want to cry and get mad about certain things but then never do anything to change them? Understand that people play the game for different reasons and thats ok. The courses are in public parks, not your private property. Everybody has a right to be there, man up and do something about it. As long as you are pleasant than people will be receptive. I thought disc golf wasn't supposed to be elitist? jesus christ.....
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