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Originally Posted by MrDarkHorse View Post

I was also hoping for a little more "let's help out the new guy" reception, but instead everybody kind of kept to their little groups. At one point on the course, my group and another group (I don't think they were ams, but I'm not sure, we were never introduced!) ended up throwing at the same basket from different tees. It was extremely windy, so when I picked up my putter I held it for about 10 seconds during a big gust cause I didn't want to try to putt into that. I turned to the other group waiting and said apologetically "sorry, I'm gonna wait out this gust" to which the guy in front responded sternly "watch your time".

One thing you should find is a Random Doubles League. If your mini was singles play than you are not going to get the reception you desire, they are competing against you and most likely get focused on their game not yours.

In doubles you get randomly paired with other players and share a bond during the round b/c you are on a team rooting for one another. Tips just naturally happen during this time from my experience. It should only take a couple of holes for someone to help critique your game but they have to see you throw for this to happen, give it some time.

Now I have played in places where the "groups" were not made at random and only your pair is determined randomly. Like you said in the OP, groups of players stick to their little "clique" and his detracts from any welcoming feel.

Try other parks and other local events and I guarantee you will find someone better than you willing to help. Good luck and don't let this one mini experience represent disc golf in a poor light.

p.s. Buy a disc golf shirt to get rid of that "Cop" image. lol
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