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Originally Posted by FrankieG View Post
In my opinion everyone who plays at a PDGA sanctioned event is a professional disc golfer. You are playing an event sanctioned by the governing body and by the governing bodies rules.


So now you want to remove the profit motive and go to a true amateur model. Does this mean entry fees will drop drastically? Let's just say a typical tourney makes $10 per am player as "profit" this would mean the entry fee could then be $10 plus the cost of the trophies. However, let's say the club makes $20 a player so the entry fee is now $30 (in theory) and all you get is a trophy, I'm not sure a lot of people will line up for that deal.
Excellent post.

I think it's more accurate to say we're all "semi-pros". We're receiving value for our play. Some are receiving more than their costs (including travel & lodging). Only a handful are professional, in the sense that they're making a living, and a poor one at that.

But the "Professional" and "Amateur" labels, no matter how inaccurate, do have at least three virtues.
1---They clearly delineate between our top divisions and lower divisions, in a way that even non-disc-golfers or newcomers can immediately understand.
2---They're good for the egos. Who doesn't want to be called a "Pro"?
3---They're short. "Pro" and "Am" are easy to write.


As for the low-entry, trophy-only model, I believe it would have succeeded, if it had been our model from the start. But the horse is out of the barn, and it would be much tougher now to wean players off the payout system.

But in 30 minutes I'm leaving for a charity event with a $25 entry, a tee-shirt to everyone and no prizes other than 1st-place trophies. It will fill, or nearly fill.
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