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Originally Posted by JAKE master View Post
im interested to hear what the differences you find in the volt over your sword. besides distance. i personally feel they have very similar flight hss and lss. if mvp was to produce i sword, i would like to see one with more hss. i feel on calm days the sword can be dependably stable, but add 5mph heads and shes is your new turnover disc.
also more interesting, i just gave menacewarf a sword and have one myself for all out max distance. so fingers crossed, it would be a rather seamless transition if what you say is true.

on a side note, mvp is addicting like lays chips, bet you cant just have one.
The Volt and the (VIP)Sword have a very similar stability and flightpath, and both are equally useful on all three basic release angles (flat, anny, hyzer). The Swords you have sound a bit less stable than mine...I don't think twice about throwing my Sword in a 10mph headwind. I hope that MVP's distance driver comes out like my more HSS Swords, though a little more wind resistance would be nice.