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I carry my discs in a plastic bag...why? because I spent too much money on discs and can't buy a bag right now....

when I'm only throwing a few discs I don't carry any bag... what's the point if I'm only carrying 3 or 4 discs. '

I've played a lot of ball golf and I also have common sense. Yes there are times Ill throw two or 3 discs off the tee for practice. However I never do it when the course is busy or people are waiting. I also don't really like people behind me or in front of me really. I'm new and I'm a bit slow no point in me holding anyone up and making me feel rushed.

Hate it when people hit in to me, golf, and would never hit into someone else.....same goes for disc golf.

I haven't ran into anyone thats given me any problems or even said anything negative to me. So far everyone's been pretty cool.
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