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Originally Posted by rd.bittle View Post
^Welcome to the greatest addiction in the world.
Yeah for real, I guess luckily the disc aren't very expensive as long as you don't start chasing hard to find stuff. Still it adds up quick.

Originally Posted by wake911 View Post
Wow, some people really get serious huh? I had a really long post ready, and decided it wasn't worth it.

It just seems that if you take it this serious, and get pissed at people using the park for fun, then you need to re-analyze why you play, and where you play.
Originally Posted by BigSky View Post
Using the park for fun, and being a chucker is not the same. And yea, some of us do take our time at the course more seriously. Especially when we play so infrequently.
Originally Posted by bradharris View Post
Using the park for your own enjoyment in your own way is fine. If that means hitting the course with just your Pulsar, go for it.

The problem is when you begin to interfere with others' enjoyment. The same general tenants (don't litter, don't be absurdly obnoxious, and share resources appropriately) apply to all areas of a park, not just the disc golf course.
I think, for most people at least, is its more about using common sense and having respect for the people around you more them what you're actually doing or throwing.
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