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Originally Posted by Moify View Post
A question about the progression of the Axis mold since the first run...

I have a nice green one (FR) and a after a while I bought another Proton Axis since the FR seemed to be wearing in.

My question is regarding the mold, not the flight. The lip of the first run Axis seems deeper and, to me, more comfortable in the hand. I can't really explain it, but the latter run Axis I bought afterwards seems more shallow, and I just don't like the feel of it.

Did they make the rim more shallow to resemble most mids (like the low-profile Buzzz)? And if anyone else has noticed this, does the Neutron Axis have that same, shallow feel?

I mean, that FR green Axis is just money, as you all know. But I want the stability of a Neutron Axis without the discomfort I found in the latter run Protons.
The Axis was designed as a flat/very mild dome mold. FRs are always a little screwy, not good to compare to subsequent runs anyway. Comfortability is all about what you are used to, so get used to the newer Axis! Seriously though, they aren't that much different.
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