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MVP discs don't fly exactly like anything else out there, you can compare and say its similar in some ways, but in the end every MVP disc has a unique flight that other companies wont be able to produce without the extra weight in the edge of the rim, its physics.

a 10% difference in weight distribution from other discs on the market is going to give vastly different flight characteristics within the same mold shape.

That's what i like about MVP, the shape of the mold may be similar, but the flight is different. Nothing holds onto lines longer than MVP and that's why you cant beat the accuracy they offer.

When i snap my Tangent into a line (Oat Free), it holds it from release all the way to the ground as if it locks into that line, it helps that its a neutral disc, but i can put it to hyzer, straight to anny lines and its true to my release.

And Volts have such a late fade for me its insane.. i can add a little hyzer flip on a volt and it just goes straight forever and seems like on low lines it has no fade at all because it holds the line so long that it hits the ground before fade kicks in! throwing at a higher angle makes it act closer to standard disc flight, but that's the control i love with MVP, the ability to make precise calculated throws, its something new that will catch on in competitive scenes as the technology gets more recognized.

Gyro is extremely powerful when your dealing with tight gaps and a lot of tree lines that you need the control for hitting and holding lines longer... or when you want more control in general.

I find certain discs to be very intuitive also, mostly the mids and putters, but the volt matches up with my brain and intuitive thought of disc flight so well that im able to pick a spot on the basket from the teepad and the disc will land anywhere between 20ft short/long of the pin but the line of the volt will often cut through the area of the basket I was aiming for. Nothing feels better than knowing where your disc will land before you even release it.

Can't wait to spend summer getting used to all this new MVP.. its going to be a good year for me, i can tell already.

They have had a few first run quirks, but they always solve the problem immediately and provide consistency from that point forward. Their commitment to customers feedback and opinion is top notch, I feel good supporting that style of leadership.

I have had more fun throwing MVP the past couple years than any of the discs i have tried so far, i have no regrets being committed to giving MVP an honest chance.