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Originally Posted by smyith View Post
Trespass is more stable than a Sword (not more OS!). Trespasses are very easy to throw 400' in a straight line. As an OS driver though they were severely lacking for me. To me a Trespass ultimately flies like a much faster eagle. The RL is slightly OS while the Lucid is stable.

The Sword is a great disc for long drives in tight fairways and tailwinds. It is stable to slightly US over the 350' mark. VIP being slightly more stable.

Honestly, I dont think either mold is good for a "cover all bases" type driver. It doesn't start off OS enough for that. Especially if you are throwing over 350'.
Have you considered the Halo? Its rim is only 2.3 I think (maybe 2.4), and flat ones are money.
I have, but I've come to the conclusion that my breaking point for rim size is at the 2.2-2.3, when i start losing that snap. that's why i was considering the westside/dd/lat64 side...because it seems they tend to have those "faster speed" longer distance potential discs with slightly smaller rim sizes.
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