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Originally Posted by in4d View Post
Took my new run shocks out for a test today in some moderate winds.

The shock showed no sign of turn into ~10mph winds. Its totally a new flight compared to first run.

I'm having trouble throwing it straight though, this thing really just wants to fade!

I can throw my volts about 400' and throw them with enough power that they don't fade back. when i throw the new shocks at the same power they are flying straight for a short time, then fading quickly after, i would say at about 50% into flight fade kicks in. This makes them easy to control in winds and on certain situations, but its so over-stable i don't see it being used very often. Its like a predator.

I will have to smack a few trees with it at full power and let it break in a little.. i would LOVE to have a beat shock i think it will be very teebird like, only longer.

any ideas on how to beat it in faster?
I've thrown several Shocks from both before the fix and after. Many before the fix represent what the "new" Shock will fly like when beat in. It is much more of a turn and fade flight than a Teebird. It sounds to me like you just need a more stable Volt to compliment the one you currently use. A good HSS Volt is the closest thing yet to an MVP TB.
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