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Originally Posted by crd 81 View Post
Has MVP considered bringing out a disc in the speed 6-7 category? Something along the lines of a glider cyclone/gazelle.

I know the Volt is considered a fairway driver, but I consider it in the speed 9 or 10 category.
I believe this is fairly low on the priority list...Not exactly a big market for such a thing. It also would seem that MVP has defined their idea of a fairway driver pretty clearly with their speed 8-9(Volt is slower than PD, which is slower than the Orc, which is my standard for speed 10) releases. Personally I don't see the advantage of such discs over the Amp/Volt/Shock. They are all easy to range even at 300', and since they have putters and mids that fly long for their respective classes their is not much that isn't covered imo. If there is enough demand I'm sure they would do it eventually though.