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Originally Posted by Menacewarf View Post
Kind of confused me too. I seriously hope no one did some low leval hacking to bomb the site with roc votes but I really doubt anyone would go through that kind of trouble. I think it's about all the different forms of Roc, the recent ROC3 thing, and just that roc has just been around longer.

The weird part also is Buzzz jumped out to a decent little lead and then during the day yesterday Roc just crushed.
Of course any online survey is hackable since there really isn't a concise way to prevent multiple voting (even with IPs, which has other side effects). Buzzz only got 47 votes? In the final four, Buzzz got 119 votes when pitted against the almighty Teebird. That would indicate that there are a significant number of golfers who throw both Roc and Buzzz, but prefer Roc overall. I'm definitely of the opinion that they are two different flight patterns that can be in a bag without overlap. However, I don't think it is common to carry both discs. Perhaps since the championship was a short voting time it resulted in fewer Buzzz votes. However, that apparently didn't squelch Roc enthusiasts. In fact, if you add up Roc and Buzzz votes (291) from the final four it is less than the number of votes Roc got in the championship (311). Curious, at best.

In other news, you mentioned the prizes for 1-6th in your previous post, however you listed 7 winners.
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