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Originally Posted by Phenn View Post
I agree that you should start with an Ion, Volt, and Axis. That could change depending on your power level, though.

But the only answer to the comparison questions is kiiiiiiiinda.

The Tangent is only slightly understable--it's no DX Stingray. It's the slowest of the three mids, and only marginally longer than the putters. But it has point-and-shoot qualities unlike any disc on the market.

The Axis, depending on plastic, run, dome, etc., may fly like a Buzzz, but only kinda. Same with the Vector/Wasp. You really just have to give 'em a chuck and see what you think. But it's totally worth it.
Thanks for the info! As far as arm strength, I can get my Laces out from 450-500' in the summer. So you think with a 170g Tangent I could get it to flip pretty easily?