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Originally Posted by E3D4523 View Post
Has anyone heard how much the 750 Series plastic is going to cost? I could see it being $25-28. Just another reason for me not to buy Prodigy.
Originally Posted by E3D4523 View Post
Higher quality plastic should cost more. There 400 Series is 19.99. So it should be more than that. Its going to be the new CE. LOL. Would you be happy at $24.99.

I haven't paid more the 16.95 for any of my Prodigy discs and most were actually less than that.

Originally Posted by BigSky View Post
Correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't the Prodigy drivers and mids all in premium plastic? What is this "super" premium talk? Premium is premium. Everything else is just a way to get you to spend more money.
Kinda what I thought, I was thinking what they have out already seems to be pretty premium. It should be interesting though.

Kinda OT but as to the hype.....the putters just came out I saw one posted up in a FB auction and it was promptly bid up to around 30 bucks lol....I can buy one right now for 20...not that Id pay that...but still dumb.....gotta have it first I guess....
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