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Originally Posted by Alcuin View Post
If it's confusing even the members of their own team, you don't see how that's a problem? If the naming convention were so sleek and simple, there would be no such confusion. Period.

It's not a problem for the well informed follower of dg news on the internet, it's a problem for Prodigy when it cuts into their bottom line. If somebody is looking for a D4, but ends up with a D1 by mistake, they're likely not to be very satisfied with the product.

I hope Prodigy works out--I want to see companies shake things up and open up new areas for disc golf. But Prodigy really needs to get its act together.
Originally Posted by BigSky View Post
I forget what thread it was from, but somebody said that Prodigy is a team that happens to sell discs, not a manufacturer that happens to have a team.

When you think of it in this light, a lot of their shortcomings can be forgiven.
Both fair points.

Leaves me to wonder, outside of testing and initial input on what they want the product to turn out like, how much/little are the team members involved in the other aspects of this as far as the manufacturer side?

Could be part of the reason so much 'misinformation' gets around if all these guys/gals dont have a full understanding of the processes involved and the other nuances that come with being a manufacturer.

Not making potential excuses for them, but, it would go a long way towards helping us understand and filter information we get from them (hopefully it would anyway)
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