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Anyone who is confused about their products is a moron, plain and simple. Even if it is members of their own team. A flight chart would be nice but the naming convention puts their disc types/stability into the simplest of formats. I would say it's more difficult to purchase a disc based off a name. IE) I love legacy but if you don't have a flight chart how do you depict the stability difference between the patriot and the rival. This company was just an example but you could say the same for any other. And don't give me the bs excuse for innova's flight rating chart (speed, glide, turn, fade). We all know how accurate that is from a consistency standpoint. At the end of the day it's not what people are used to so they get their panties up in a bunch. What everything boils down to is consistency in molds. The company that can mass produce the most consistent molds will eventually be the most successful for serious discers, no matter what the naming convention or of those molds might be.
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