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Originally Posted by KatanaFrenzy View Post

That's cute but the fact is that the names of their plastics are part of the package.

The names aren't superfluous, they are part of the product. They can be neato or bland, but they have to work. When you want to talk about Prodigy's plastics, and you hear something different from their team, their order sheet, and their website, then that becomes the topic of conversation.

This is the thing: maybe their products are great. But if they aren't marketed properly, if customers don't feel confident that they know what they're getting when they buy the product, they won't buy it. So the naming conventions are pretty intimately tied to the success of their products. And to say that people should just suck it up and deal with it is the kind of arrogance that will leave your company nothing more than an example of what not to do.

Again: the discs and plastics may be great. I hope they are. But I've noticed that the many of the people who really dig Prodigy and are vocal about it on these forums are people who met Greenwell or Arthur or one of the team members and were impressed by them. But the average consumer is not going to meet these guys and be charmed by them. That's where good names and naming conventions come in: they are what charms you in place of Prodigy's ambassadors. So far, they're not up to the task which is a serious problem, unless the team intends to tour the country doing nothing but handselling the lion's share of their discs.
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