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I think prodigy can attribute fast sales to the popularity of disc golf being bigger than ever but I must say that aside from all the hate everyone wastes their time spewing they really did have a good initial launch. People talk about bland discs or confusing names, to simple of names, inconsistencies, over promising, under delivering, and the rest.

I see it as they brought 9 original molds to market in a plastic that feels amazing in less than 5 months! No other manufacturer has even come close to this. Everyone praises Discmania for the simple names? Nobody rips MVP's head off because the Shock mold was changed to be more stable? Nobody is screaming that Steve Rico needs to post his earnings publicly? People don't speak blasphemy against Innova because the Roc 3 stamps were missing chunks?

Like someone else posted, the only legitimate complaint in this topic is that proto D1's weren't OS enough which has been since fixed and some D4's don't have enough turn. I hope they iron out the consistency and adjust the molds to where they need to fit and get it finalized because if they do I really can't see how any player could hate them.
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