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Originally Posted by loki993 View Post
So the pullthrogh and then the snap ant the end are two different motions? Could be my issue I'm trying to make one fluid movement. I went out and threw a little and pulling though and they slapping at the end seemed to help. I didn't get all my distance back, but the disc were flying more like I expected them too, I didn't have the pull my arm out the get distance and I wasn't spraying as much, ,more accurate.
I guess if you break it down, its alot of little motions that you learn and tie together. Think of the disc like a clock. 12 facing the front of the tee pad, 6 facing the rear. When you're at reach back, your hand will be on the 9. The pull through is about keeping your hand at the 9, as long as possible. Once the disc rips from your hand, it will have rotated slightly around your pinch point. Where you were holding at 9, it will rotate ~180 and you will actually be holding the disc around 3-4 at the rip, does that make sense?

Bradley walker suggested throwing the disc is more like throwing a hammer or axe. The point where you hold the disc is the bottom of the handle and out behind the back of the disc would be the proverbial hammers head. You want to throw the disc like you would, if you were bh throwing a hammer. This is snap.

Pull through is just getting the disc from reach back to right pec.

There is a nice video on youtube of bradley walker called snap 2009. Its a 2 part, like ten minute vid that describes snap. I actually learned snap way before I learned the hip movement. I just knew it as a trick I used on frisbees growing up to make them super spin. You go to throw the frisbee, and at the last possible milli second, squeeze your index/middle fingers on the rim, into your palm like you decided last second not to throw it. With all the momentum of the rest of the disc coming forward, that last second squeeze makes the trailing side of the disc come flying around super fast, then it rips with incredible spin.
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