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i keep 20 discs in my grip eq, 16 in the main pocket and 4 putters up top.

i have a dark blue eclipse anode and ion poking out of the putter pocket, with a soft neutron ion and a opaque proton ion hidden below.

in the main pocket i have amp, amp, volt, volt, FR shock, shock. from super understable to overstable those 6 discs cover any fw driver shot you could imagine.

for midranges i carry a domey proton vector, FR vector, neutron vector, eclipse axis, neutron axis, and three tangents to cover shots from overstable to understable.

i also bag a neutron anode and a roc3 for water/ risky shots, would love to drop the roc but i reeeallly hate losing my mvp stuff.

i think i carry the bare minimum to cover 'all' shots and my discs are all different from each other in slight increments, wouldnt take anything out of my bag, but ill be adding the new mvp stuff soon.
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