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As you have probably figured out.

Z, Elite X, and ESP are the superior choices by disc golfers on this forum.

Don't let someone else choose what feels right for you.

I would go to a local disc golf shop if you can, and grip each plastic in your hand and see which ones feels better for you. You won't get the feel of how the disc is going to feel when you release it for a shot, but its definitely step 1.

I tried the ESP buzzz and for me it felt great in my hands, elite x and flx esp just felt a bit too floppy in my hand and im sure the disc is fine but mentally I just couldnt get over that feeling.

Weight is a bit different, the lighter the disc is, the further it can go, but less stable overall and especially in wind.

Heavier discs will be more stable especially in wind, but you suffer a little bit of distance.

I've always gone in the middle ground with 174g, remember its a mid range. If you want more distance maybe get the new Zombee!!!!

good luck!
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