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Originally Posted by tkaiser View Post
I saw that you were putting with Proton. I just got a Neutron Ion and like it. However, the plastic is a bit slick in the rain. I was thinking of getting a Proton Soft to try out, hence why I asked about the plastic type. What do you use each putter for and why the need for both. I am bit of a newb with MVP stuff.

I would like to try the soft putters, but idk if I really need them since I like my two.

Regarding each putter's use; I usually make them compete for the "outside-of-the-bag" pocket lol. Whichever putter I am primarily using on any given day, I keep in the pouch outside of the bag, for easy access, and the other putter goes in the bag with the rest of the bunch.

I'll put around with both for practice before a round to determine which one is getting used for said round. I like them both.

If, however, it is windy, I'll more likely use the Ion.

Sidenote: I have a name for the anode; I call him "deGrasse"

It's the only disc in my bag that has a name. Idk why LOL