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Originally Posted by Cgkdisc View Post
krupicka - it's an Urban Myth that's hard to stomp out but there is no statistical basis that the ratings of the pool matter to determine the SSA. People want to believe they'll get better ratings when they play in a higher rated pool but it's not true overall. We did an extensive check back around 2005 and tweaked the formula to account for a slight bias where higher rated pools got slightly better ratings. But since then it's not only 50/50 but when higher and lower rated pools play the same course in the same event at different times, the rounds are usually averaged together so any difference in either direction is wiped out.
I'm gonna chip in...

Sugaw is a great example as to why the ratings system is not as accurate as one would think. When the clash came, lower rated players played Sugaw. The lowest scores were 2 people with 50's (rating came out to around 980ish)

When the highest rated pros play there, they don't shoot in the mid to low 40s. It just doesn't happen. MJs handicap at this course is around a 47 and he plays at a 1030ish rating. It just doesn't make sense that 3 strokes is near a 50 point swing. Also, look at Worlds and previous tournaments there. A 49 is always a 1000 rated round, BUT NOT AT THE CLASH. You can blame whether all you want, but a few degrees difference doesn't change this course. You either play it well, or play it poorly. Hardly is there an in between.

I have to believe that amateurs are getting better than pros at a much faster rate, therefore making it where pro's are a much better propagator that am's. The fact that a course can have a 10 point rating difference between rounds makes no sense. The idea that "conditions are never ideal round to round" makes your statistics not statistics anymore. If you want to go in that direction, conditions are not ideal hole to hole and each hole should be incorporated into ratings.

However, I don't have a solution and I still enjoy having a rating. But I only see me shooting my first 1000 rated round when one day I have a good round and some top players happen to be there.
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