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Originally Posted by maddmatt18 View Post
Pardon me ru4por but you just proved my point with trying to compare Prodigy to your first sentence. Just making up crazy identifications to try to undercut a point holds no validity. Using a number system IMO is much more effective than using Biofuzion, Fuzion, Lucid-Escape, Renegade, Suspect. Now try to keep up with that between a multitude of different companies using the same outline but different naming conventions. 400G D3 seems pretty easy to me and I believe will be easier for new guys to understand as long as they know how many types of plastics and molds for D,M, and P's there are. And you have to do that research for any company. Now if other companies started using different number systems it might get a little more confusing but I don't see that happening from a legal standpoint. IE)D,M, and P are already taken along with numbers 1-4.
The problem is that Prodigy somewhere down the road might want to make a fifth disc in one of the respective categories. Using a numbering system naming convention means they're going to either have to make each disc more understable than the flippiest existing one, or they're going to have muck their little system up by putting disc number 5 in between some of the other numbers. Who knows, maybe they'll use decimals and we'll have a D 2.5.

This is probably why most of the existing companies name their discs after a thing and let flight numbers show how it flies. They didn't want to be caught in such a bind down the road.
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