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Alright, as I said before here, I wanted to give MVP a try and possibly take over my bag. I wanted some discs I could easily replace, and I like the way MVP does things.
I received my 7 new discs friday and had the chance to go out and throw them a little. I only threw the Volt and Shock forehand, and did one throw with the Amp. I mostly threw the mids (Axis, Vector, Tangent and Tensor).

First, the quality of the disc is amazing. They feel and look good.

I won't go into details for each disc, but I will say that so far, I really like the Tensor, Tangent and Axis. I still need some getting used to with the Vector as I feel it's quite overstable but not as confortable as the Tensor. It also doesn't have the Tensor HSS on forehand approaches.

I thought the Tangent would be a little less stable than that. It mostly fly straight, but not understable for me. It will hold the line to the ground or fade gently if it lacks the spin at the end. Amazing disc so far.

One thing I noticed is the effect of the Gyro. Some people will say that I drank the cool aid hard, but I can't help it but feel the Gyro on the discs. Just spinning the disc on my fingers makes a difference (I'm probably crazy, that's fine though).

Lastly, and I have yet to compare with other discs at the same time, but I couldn't believe how well I was flicking the Tensor/Volt/Shock. They flew amazing from the first try (almost no getting used to). I was very surprise to see all three discs having a nice HSS and yet fly straight for quite a while. So far, the biggest difference I've seen with other discs is with my flicks, those MVP are money.

I will probably try to spend some time in the field comparing my older discs to those MVP and try to build an objectif idea about them, but so far, I am really excited because they fly amazing.

My daughter really enjoys her Nano too!