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Finally got to throw my Fury today. Here's my take/early review:
White Gold Line 168g, fairly domey and a pretty flexy/gummy gold line run.
First, I love this disc! It flies fairly similar to my beat in Elite-X Cyclone only WAY longer. I had two of my longest calm condition drives with this thing today. For reference I throw with a Swedish style throw, coming from down low kind of like a hyzer flip. With my normal drive, and aiming for straight distance it bombed. It had a really nice S pattern flight. Nothing abrubt, and the turn portion was almost like a slide to the right similar to how a Comet would slide. On a distance line the fade is pretty healthy.
Releasing flat produced some really nice turnovers that basically held to the ground as long as I don't put too much air under it. Again the turnover was more of a nice slide to the right instead of a turn.
On an Anny, this baby holds all the way, and doesn't come out.
On big sweeping hyzers, it was a really cool flight I haven't really seen before. I threw one hole with a lot of hyzer, maybe 45* hyzer. It climbed in hyzer, started to flatten out pretty high up, maybe25-30ft. Flattened, slide right just a hair, came back flat still pennetrating forward, and then started fading off left, still penetrating forward. Easily the longest hyzer shot I have had. If you need a LONG hyzer and have room to work at the apex of flight, this disc is what you need!
So far I'm loving it, beat out my Saints (I'm one of the apparently very few that didn't like the high speed stability of the Saint). I want to get a max weight Opto next to see if it will hold low hard hyzers and see if it has a little more fade on low straight shots.
Sorry for the wall of text, but I know a lot of people are wondering about this diisc, and if it was worth it for Lat to make it. I say YES!
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