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Order# 175 here.....

Ok, I just read through most of the pages posted here. Maybe it's my age (over 40), but I'm not quite getting the impatience here. I checked in at the begining of this thread ages ago (about 4 months in real time). I was so impressed with the design of the bag that 2 months later I jumped past the Spinal Tap and ordered the Ergo. I was thinking to myself ,"If I had designed a bag, this is what I would have designed." I then proceeded to walk away and disc for a few months.

I'm going to blame social media (Face Book, twitter, My Space....etc) for this Veruca Salt "I want it NOW, Daddy!" attitude, but PLEASE...........let the man make a quality product without hounding him almost everyday. I am so glad that John is not responding to every little comment.

I expect a quality product to take a while to HAPPEN. If you're talking about a completely new other product to copy..........It takes a WHILE to make a good if not better (hopefully perfect) product. Anyone who has ever tried to produce something from scatch can attest to this.....and I'm talking about a one-off, not a consistently repeatable product.

So tonight, I drink a frosty beverage in salute to John Chamness for creating a product that inspired me to buy a bag/backpack for the first time in 10 years. When it arrives on my doorstep, let the gods sing!!!!

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