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Originally Posted by MrDarkHorse View Post
Okay, a couple of unrelated questions that would help me progress. I've gotten a few throws out to 340' now standing still with my Leopard or River. But I still can't consistently reproduce it.

One concept that I'm struggling with is that Shawn Clement talks a lot about bracing against the lead knee, and keeping the weight there most of the time. But the other guy focuses on centering the pivot on that specific point in the rear foot. Those two concepts are difficult for me to resolve. (although trying to do both has resulted in some of my best throws, just not consistently)

My other general question is, do you have any videos or pointers for how to start transitioning this to a run up?
They are really talking about the same thing, and torque pressure and where your weight is are not necessarily the same thing. Rear foot should be the backswing torque into focus. The front leg should be the focus on the forward swing to provide some resistance to that uncorking as you have already pre-set that rear torque. The move part 2 talks about that.

Watch how GG and Feldy use a pre-swing before the backswing and the disc stays in the same place for the most part while the body moves around the disc into the backswing instead of moving the disc into the backswing like in a standstill.
Go in to 13:40:

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