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The sword likes to go straight. I do not try to throw creative lines with this disc. I start it from very slight hyzer or flat. I does not turn much or fade much and it goes far. Typical hyzers and anhyzers have not gone well for me with the Sword.

The only other shot I've had much luck with is the a stall shot where I throw it hard and higher than normal to the right. It goes straight to a point in the air, then it kind of dump-fades down to the target. There are some times where I like this line more than a Giant hyzer.

BTW this is one of the best fast drivers for throwing downhill from elevation, such as on ski hill courses and cliff shots. If I get that shot wrong with most of the wider rim drivers, especially with funky winds, it can turn too much, fade too much, or (god forbid) lift and fade. The Sword just mutes all of those possibilities and goes straight for a long ways.

Mine is a 175 VIP. I plan to try a lighter (165-170) TP soon.
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