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Originally Posted by bombmk View Post
Can you give me an example of someone being worse off by the spotter being there?
On a risky hole I decide to throw my beloved driver because I have a spotter. Without a spotter I would otherwise throw a "risk disc". I never see my beloved driver again even though it was apparently a good drive which went right over the spotter's head.

We all drive. My group approaches the blind water hazard and the spotter hands me my disc. I ask the spotter where the disc landed and why he picked it up. He says he doesn't recall where my disc landed but it doesn't matter since it was OB (because it was more than 50% in the water) and I have to rethrow it.

We all drive. All of the group is in the open with easy putts. As I am releasing my putt the spotter yells to someone in an adjacent fairway.

I'm on a roll, playing hot. My group drives on a hole. There is an issue on the placement of one of my group's discs. Everyone in the group agrees on the ruling except the spotter. Everyone in the group is a certified official except the spotter, who has never played a tournament. The group tries to explain the proper ruling to the spotter. The spotter will not be swayed and believes he can overrule the group. We are delayed while an official, then the course TD is brought in to decide the issue. A half hour wait later my game has cooled.

Each of these events has occurred to me during World Championship play.

A bad spotter is worse than no spotter.
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