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Originally Posted by zj1002 View Post
As for the push over pull thing. When the disc is guided into the power zone, with the elbow point out, you basically push(or uncoil). This reduces your chance to pull into the power zone, because by the time you exert energy to reach this you won't have the energy to push/uncoil out. It is more of a mental push, followed they uncoil of the elbow, arm and disc. You are changing the mental aspect of pulling in to the idea of pushing forward. Physically trying to push and pull things usually doesn't work
Good stuff. After watching Will's video (especially the parts about shoulder turn and weight transfer) I finally broke the 375' mark yesterday in a tailwind on a nice low line. I also get a pretty loud snapping sound with my drives, which brings me to this whole pull-push thing.

I know that the snapping sound isn't always a bad thing. But I'm fairly sure in this case the snapping comes from the disc slipping from my hand too early. Which is mainly caused by the pulling motion and me not getting my elbow front far enough and accelerating through the hit.

Any tips on how to practise the uncoiling thing? I've tried Beato's drills without much luck.
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