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Originally Posted by nolangherity View Post
mehhh he did say it 'turned and burned' every time. which is 100% bad form.
Dunno, my first Shock was clearly more understable than my first Volt, and my first Volt flies like a DX Leopard. So quite understable indeed. On a flat throw with anything over 300-330' of power it will turn and burn, unless you give it a lot of height allowing it to stall. You can make it stay in the air but you really need to focus on it.

Occasionally one just has to face the fact that some of them just are that bad. And yeah, I do have a decent idea on how to throw clean, my putters and Comets don't really tolerate OAT. =)

Went through a stack of them later and got myself a 2nd run one, and that one is a proper overstable driver though. As far as I could see by checking about 20 of them they all were very close to identical (very slight dome variation, PLH variation almost non-existent), and all of them had the PLH so much higher than my first one, that the noses of the discs didn't even touch. The 1st run Shock fit underneath the wing of the 2nd runs.
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