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Originally Posted by attik34 View Post
Yeah im definitely talkinga bout after i've taken all other limiting factors throwing a run up...
I always forget to ask if that's what people mean when they start a thread like this or if they're asking for the advice I gave earlier.

If you're to the point where you're already throwing a putter from a standstill and need an approach shot then the advice may be way different. The reason I forget to ask is that I don't consider these shots drives anymore, I call them approach shots, but I know that notation isn't universal.

It's also an area I have trouble giving real specific advice about because it was never an issue for me. Coming from an Ultimate background these shorter touch shots were 99% of the throws I made so all I had to do was adjust my aiming for the more overstable disc golf putters. I didn't have to do anything to my technique.

Once thing you can do for longer "approach" shots is change your grip to something weaker. Fan grips won't get you as much distance as power or fork type grips.

If you want to take the approach I did, just play a bunch of catch with friends using lids. That or get a lid to use as an approach disc for a while. You don't need all the weight shift, wrist extension and rip strength that you do with a drive so technique isn't as important. I use the same grip that I do when putting so my actual rip is pretty weak. If you also slow down a bunch it's easier to get a consistent release with a weak rip because everything isn't happening super fast.
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