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Originally Posted by sidewinder22 View Post
Yeah pretty much although actually closing the shoulder may help even more. I really believe the right pec drill should be replaced as the closed shoulder drill. The shoulder can slow to release the arm as a whip although the shoulder also whips the arm.
If you mean what I think you do, the continious rotation of the shoulders from the right pec would not only make you throw to the right but also work against the whip effect of the arm.
When you snap a towel, you'd have to stop the arm in order to really get the forearm to whip out and snap it. If you continue to move the arm, the underarm will never really catch up to create the snap.
The same goes with the throw. If the shoulders actively keep rotating after the disc is at the right pec, it must be harder to get a real snap from the underarm and wrist.
Mayby thats what Beto mean by Punching toward the tatget
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