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Originally Posted by sidewinder22 View Post
Pretty much...this thread was eureka:
The part near the end of page 2 describes something I figured out about my form yesterday during some field practice. You always read that good form starts from the lower body/hips, then shoulder, then elbow chop then wrist. That the power is supposed to build from there. So I've always tried to lead my drive with my shoulder.
I think that has contributed to my strong arming. I get my shoulder so far ahead of my arm that I don't have time during the pull through to use my elbow chop fully.
When I decided to focus on my arm speed and elbow chop and attempt to keep my shoulder out of the equation, I started feeling more leverage from my elbow and wrist.

Unfortunately, right as I started trying that, I suddenly started torquing over a lot of my throws. It's not just power, as I was torquing over Predators and glow Roc3s.
I have trouble figuring out how much to "throw the other side of the disc". It seems when I use a lot of wrist extension, keeping my hand at 12 o clock as long as possible and whipping the disc around at the hit point, I suddenly get a crazy amount of OAT.

Anyone else experienced this?
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