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Well I was out practicing last night and its just not happening. I don't know what it is but I just can't get any snap at all and the nose angle issues won't go away either, but I think thats because of weight shift and starting my pull through too early. I was getting close to 300 but now I'm back down to about 250. I've read everything over and over, I've watched numerous videos and there just has to be something I'm not getting.

I cannot cannot cannot no matter what I do throw over 250 from a standstill and from a standstill I get nose up and I'm not even sure what else, even what Im not nose up its wont go past 250. I try the pic drill and messes up my throw, I end up getting round and it looks like a frisbee throw....I guess I'll try the closed shoulder snap drill but I was trying to get a fundamentally sound basic throw down first.

I don't know maybe I'm releasing my wrist too early, but its release right around or after my right pec....I think...I just don't know getting kind of discouraged though. Ive been playing nearly weekly and practicing even more than that since april, weekly solid and practice two or 3 times a week since May and i've seen nearly zero improvement.....

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